Orange and Teal Color Grading Filter Tutorial For Zenfone

Photos are one of the best ways to showcase emotion, culture, art, and among others. Do you agree? To add up more drama and edge to photos are filters, particularly color grading schemes. These filters may make or break a photo, depending on how it is used. I won’t be focusing on the negative side of using of filters here. Instead, let me talk about one of the most popular color grading scheme – orange and teal.

The orange and teal color grading scheme are usually used by most Instagrammers. If you are curious about what orange and teal looks like, see the following photos:


What makes orange and teal popular?

So what are the reasons why it is popular? Some would say that the model’s skin tone will be highlighted properly. But how about if the object is static or not a human being at all? How does it look?

The orange and teal also has that cinematic effect. There is something about the contrast between orange and blue. See it below.

orange and teal in movie posters by src:



Check this post on how it is used in cinemas.

Orange and Teal Color Grade Options

How do you achieve the orange and teal color grading scheme from your mobile phone? There are several options on how you can achieve this schema. These are:

  1. Color Calibration – In the Lightroom Mobile, under the Color tab, choose the MIX function and you can set the HUE of each of the color including Red, Orange, Green, Blue, etc. It’s a slider with values you can choose from -100 to 100. Mostly, you set the Blue one into -100 and red to either 50 or 100. But still it’s dependent on the photo’s raw color.
  2. Split Toning – Still in the Lightroom Mobile, Split Toning is under the Effects tab. You can set the highlights, Shadows, and Balance of the photo’s color. With this function, you can choose what you color you set in the Highlights tab as well as the Shadows. There’s also a Balance function for the Shadows and Highlights.
  3. Tone Curve – Under the Light settings, you can select on the Curve tab and select the proper hues and achieve the effect.

Color Calibration

Split Toning

Tone Curve

Again, the effect is dependent on the photo being taken. Play with the values until you achieve the proper color grading. You may also use other color combination like Cyan and Pink. Also don’t forget to adjust the contrast, exposure, dehaze, vignette if needed.

Preferred Photo Editor: Adobe Lightroom (Mobile/Desktop)

Final thoughts

I do think that one should not use orange and teal to every photo they take. Well, unless you have a consistent scheme and you are determined to keep it that way in your work.