Quick Fix: Water Damaged Phone; What You Need To Do?

Accidents happen; whether we like it or not. No matter how careful we are in terms of taking good care of our smartphone, there are instances that are way unexpected or should I say because of our carelessness? Are you familiar with the phone that fell off your bed because you’ve slept? Guilty as charged. And there’s this thing. Dropping accidentally might be most of the biggest reason why your phone broke. Damage will depend on the intensity of the fall. Another thing is water damage – where your phone decided to take a shower on its own. JK.

Water Damaged Phone Quick Fixes

Here are some quick fixes on water damaged phone. These are easy and does not require a phone doctor.

1. Don’t Panic

Relax. Don’t try anything stupid like checking if it’s still working.

2. Get The Phone Out of the Water; Or Get The Water Off The Phone 😉

If it’s soaked, remove it from the water immediately. Or take off the spilled water off the device. You can use dry towel to wipe off the water.

 3. Remove Battery, SD Card, Sim Card, Charger, Etc.

Remove the battery, SD card, sim card, or any peripherals that is attached to your phone. If your phone has non-removable battery, turn it off immediately. For most device, you can push the power button for 5 sec. For iPhone, avoid pushing the button for 10 sec or the device will restart.

4. Use Blower

You can use a blower to dry the phone.

5. Soak it with rice


src: macworld.co.uk

Rice are good in getting those moisture out.

6. Use Silica bags

Silica bags or silica gels can help absorb moisture too.

7. Keep it off overnight

Try to keep the phone shut off overnight. Have it soaked in rice or with silica bags.

Try turning it on in the morning. If it turns back into normal, good for you. If not, try to refer it to the service center, especially if it’s still under warranty.

… and the next time, be sure to keep the water off your device. Alright?